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28/3/02 UpDaTeD!!!!!

Hi, I just put up the Paintball tips site page up. also, this is no longer the real home page, well it is, but if you want to visit this site after watching a flash intro, then goto: here. Well anyways, if you need any thing, or want to know when i'm updating my site, any special requests for programs to be on my site, then you can Email me on the button that says Email me now! Any thing about paintball you want requested on my site, then just Email me now! ANOTHER THING.... I AM PUTTING UP A PASSWORD PROTECTED SECRET AREA! IN THIS AREA, YOU CAN FIND RARE PROGRAMS, HAVE A CHAT ROOM AND EVERYTHING. JUST PRESS THE MAIL ME NOW! BUTTON SO YOU CAN MAIL ME WITH YOUR NAME AND EVERYTHING, THEN ILL GIVE YOU A USER NAME AND PASSWORD!

I have just updated my site again, the Paintball Products page is now open, and i have updated the paintball tips page [the little image now works]. And don't forget to click refresh once a while when I update site. Also, the secret part of the site will no longer be running, it wasn't attracting to much attention, and i had nothing really to put on it, sorry ppl. Site maps were added to every page in the site.- SpYdEr


New Site layout and colors.....I know I have been switching everything around alot, but i dont know which colors to get lately. Ive put up a new Subseven server at which you could get here


Wow...Its been more than a week. Well im back, put LOTS of new updates on. A good tutorial for Linux, New downloads [THE NEW ONES ARE ALL MINES]. Also, you can email and request a program, we will do our best to do what you need. You can also e-mail me to tell me where i can go to get more hits for my site....


Just started putting up more programs, Im still looking for a good web server to hold my downloadable files [This one doesnt allow downloads more than 1 MB]. I have also made installers to install my programs into the start menu. Well, E-mail me if you have any questions, I'm putting up the 'C' Tutorial.


The message board is finally up. You can get to it from the menu from above. Or if your lazy and don't want to scroll up, here is the link

Site got updated.....you can download subseven now.


Major change. Site has had its colors changed AGAIN. Well i've added useful tools in the download section and you must now actually sign the disclaimer. Enjoy! Email with Subject and CC

Click above to E-mail me now!

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